Ph.D. Program

This program is mainly taught in Chinese.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a Ph.D degree, in addition to publish SCI journal papers and complete a thesis, a minimum of 20 credits must be earned in approved courses.

Required Courses

Special Topics on Higher Education and University Instruction  (Spring semester in the first year of Ph.D. program: 3 credits)

This course is made up of five parts. First, to explore the development and change of idea and spirit of a university; second, to understand recent development trends and reform directions in the higher education of advanced countries; third, to probe some problems, strategies and perspectives of higher education in Taiwan; fourth, to inquire about the impact of a knowledge-based economy on higher education and its challenges; and finally, to enhance the overall quality competitiveness of higher education.

Thesis (I) & (II)  (Second year of Ph.D program: 0/0 credits)

By selecting a good topic for graduate students research and transforming an idea to reality, we try to organize the paper and the thesis.

Required Elective Courses

Seminar (I) & (II)  (First year of Ph.D program: 2/2 credits)

The instructor supervises students as a study group in reading state-of-the-art research issues. Students will present their studies in English and deliver a draft paper for conference/journal submission. Students are free to choose their own research topic. However, an individual should discuss with his/her supervisor to decide a reasonable title for presentation and paper.

Other Elective Courses And More Details

Elective Courses

The Department offers many elective courses, including multiple advanced and professional courses in the IT area, such as Digital Communication, Bioinformatics, Soft Computing, Text Mining, The Design of Multimedia Systems, Intelligent Web Information System, Semantic Web Technology, The Mobility Management, Parallel Computing, Multimedia Digital Watermarking, and so on.

More Course Details

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