Non-degree Certificate Program in Embedded System

This program is mainly taught in Chinese.


With increasing levels of hardware integration, faster processing capability and decreasing cost of embedded processors, the manufacturing of electronics and smart appliances has become one of the main industries in Taiwan. The certificate program of embedded system is founded in response to the need of such professionals and is designed to enhance the technical professional’s specific knowledge and skills in the design and implementation of embedded systems.

Brief Introduction

The series of courses will be taught by the faculties of department of computer science and information engineering and department of electrical engineering.


  • All junior and senior students and graduated students in TKU can apply for this non-degree program.
  • The students contact to the assistant of department of computer science and information engineering to apply for this non-degree program at the beginning of a semester.

Course List

Non-Degree Certificate Program In Embedded System
Course Title Credit Department Remark
Basic Courses
Computer Organization 3 CSIE Pick 1 of 2
Computer Organization 3 EE
Logic and Digital Circuit Design 3 EE Pick 1 of 2
Digital Systems 3 CSIE
Major Courses
Operating Systems 3 CSIE Pick 1 of 2
Operating Systems 3 EE
Introduction to Microprocessors 3 EE Pick 1 of 2
Assembly Language and System Programs 3 CSIE
Advanced Major Courses
Introduction and Implementation of Embedded Systems 3 College of Engineering See 4.
Embedded System Programming Design 3 College of Engineering
Hardware Description Language 2 EE
Introduction to VLSI 3 EE
Introduction to Digital Communication and Networks 2 EE
Digital Signal Processing 3 EE
Embedded Systems 3 EE
Introduction to Robotics 2 EE
Mobile Devices with Embedded Systems 3 CSIE
Software Development Tool for Embedded System 3 CSIE
Embedded Operating Systems 3 CSIE
Mobile Device Programming 3 CSIE
Multimedia Devices Embedded Systems and Software 3 CSIE
Building Embedded Systems 3 CSIE
  1. Basic Courses are required, and a total of 6 credits must be earned.
  2. Major Courses are required, and a total of 6 credits must be earned.
  3. Advanced Major Courses are elective, and it needs to take at least 9 or more credits.
  4. According to the rule of TKU, a student needs to earn 9 credits from the departments, which are not his/her major department, before obtaining the certificate.
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