Master’s Program in Networking and Multimedia

This program is mainly taught in Chinese.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a master’s degree, in addition to the complete a thesis, a minimum of 30 credits must be earned in approved courses.

Prerequisite Courses

  • Introduction to Computer Network
  • Algorithms

The above two prerequisite courses are undergraduate courses. For any of these two courses, if the student got a score, which is under 70, the student has to retake that course before graduation. If the student passed all of these two courses and got scores that are above 70, the student still need to retake one of these two courses before graduation.

Notice:The credits obtained from taking prerequisite courses will not be included in the minimum of 30 credits.

Required Courses

Research Methodology (I) & (II)  (First year of master’s program: 1/1 credits)

Basic skills of writing research papers/thesis and selecting research topics will be delivered in class. Students will have a short presentation to show their direction of thesis writing. The instructor will invite domestic/international scholars to present their work upon demand.

Networking and Multimedia  (Fall semester in the first year of master’s program: 3 credits)

In this course, we will focus on key technologies of computer communication systems and relevant security issues. Students will be able to know how to adopt an engineering approach with research considerations to the design, implement, and evaluate communication systems. Recent topics on networking and communication domains will also be discussed.

Cloud Computing  (Spring semester in the first year of master’s program: 3 credits)

This course will introduce the concept, deployment models, and service models of cloud computing. Topics include SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, virtualization, business models, mobile cloud computing, cloud security, etc. Various examples will also be given to describe how these models and services work. Students are required to design a cloud-related final research project and give presentations.

Thesis (I) & (II)  (Second year of master’s program: 0/0 credits)

By selecting a good topic for graduate students research and transforming an idea to reality, we try to organize the paper and the thesis.

Other Elective Courses And More Details

Elective Courses

There are many elective courses, including multiple professional courses of C&C area, such as Computer Vision, Internet Cryptography, Web-based Software Engineering, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless Sensor Network, Personal Communication, Information Indexing and Retrieving in The Web, Grid Computing, Network Security, Embedded System, Mobile Computing, Digital Signal Processing, Multimedia Network Applications, and so on.

More Course Details

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