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Study and Life Experiences in TKU

Sergio Díaz (from Honduras)

My name is Sergio Díaz, and I’m from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. It has already been a little over a year and four months since I came to Taiwan. Even now, if you ask me “Why Taiwan?” I wouldn´t be able to give you a reason—in all honesty I really don´t know what made me decide to come here; what I can say is that it has been a great experience. Now, I know what you´re thinking, what I have said so far is something you´ve heard ten-thousands of times and you feel it could not possibly be more generic. Bear with me.
I won´t lie, leaving my country was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It did not really sink in that I was leaving my friends and family behind until I got on the plane. Arriving on a country you know nothing about and in which you pretty much know no one is quite daunting at the least. I wanted to get back on and return the way I had come as soon as I realized I did not understand a thing people at the airport were saying. This is where my first advice kicks in: be sure to at least know some basic words and sentences in the language of the country you´re going to. Getting used to a culture so unlike your own is not an easy task, but it is important to keep at it and be sure to maintain an open mind. Taiwanese people were a lot more kind and friendly than I had expected them to be. They were always very understanding of the difficulties I had with their language and procedures. Another thing that really helped me when I first came here was meeting other people from around my country that had been living in Taiwan for a while already. It is always refreshing to find someone who speaks your mother tongue in another country. Coming into Tamkang University was hard. I still think it is hard, but I also think it´s great. Picture a foreigner (who´s Chinese is good for a trip to the supermarket at best) that decides to go into university and pick a career in which classes are imparted in Chinese. You´d think that guy is out of his mind—and even I would agree. Not knowing what is going on most of the time is nothing short of frustrating and alienating; however, I was surprised to see how much my classmates have cared about me. The teachers and professors have also been very understanding and have helped me in any way they can. The point I wish to make is that, despite how hard it is at first, it is truly great what you can find in Taiwan and in Tamkang University. There is always someone extending his or her hand when you begin to sink and feel lost. I don´t regret coming here and I can assure you, you will not regret it either.

Ramon Dario Borja Martinez (from Paraguay)

My name is Ramon Dario Borja Martinez and my Chinese name is 白若盟. I am from Paraguay. Paraguay is a country located in South America, bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. In Paraguay we have two official languages Spanish and Guarani. I’ve lived in Taiwan for about 6 years already. I studied Chinese for one year at National Cheng Kung University and I also got my Bachelors’ degree from the same university. I had lived in Tainan for more than 5 years, after it, I moved to Taipei to pursuit my master’s degree. After finishing my Bachelor, I decided to study master at the University of Tamkang. Before deciding where to study the graduate program, I searched about the universities in Taiwan that have a good curriculum in computer science and also offer English program. Taking a look to some rankings between universities in Taiwan, Tamkang turned out to be the best private university in Taiwan. Tamkang is also very well-known between many foreign students. I said this because many of my friends told me that Tamkang is a good university. Many of the ranking also said that people who hire employees really like student who graduated from Tamkang. This was the process for me to choose Tamkang University. Currently, I am studying in the English Master Program of Computer Science and Information Engineering. I am in the first semester of the master program. I can say that I made a good decision choosing Tamkang to pursuit my master’s degree. There are many good aspects about Tamkang. First of all, the environment that surround Tamkang is amazing. The campus is so beautiful, calm and full of trees making the air quality really good. Another aspect is that the departments and facilities in Tamkang are very well organized. Tamkang also have many green areas, many places to practice a variety of sport and an amazing library. Lastly and for me the most important one is that in Tamkang professors, classmates and all the staff in the University are really friendly and willing to give help. Tamkang also offers lot of English courses and some Chinese classes to learn Chinese.

Jorge Andre de Carvalho Coelho (from Sao Tome and Principe)

My name is Jorge Andre de Carvalho Coelho, I come from Sao Tome and Principe a Portuguese-speaking island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa.

In 2011, right after completing high school I got the opportunity to study in Taiwan and I have decided to embrace the challenge.

Based on the fact of Taiwan been before one of the top 3 in the world in production of computer hardware I thought that a good way to take advantage of being here was to study engineering. Originally I planned to study Telecommunication Engineering, but the options in Computer Science are vast and that made me dream bigger.

After one year studying Chinese at Fu Jen University, I came to Tamkang University to study Computer Science.

I had to adapt myself to the environment, the reality of being one of the few foreigners in class where all the courses are taught in Chinese is not me most enjoyable. Also, Computer Science is a very mathematical field. Over the years, I have obtain a much wider view of what I am studying, and how the Taiwanese educational system works.

Taiwan’s school system is renowned for producing exceptionally high levels of attainment in testing for mathematics and science, which is very good and useful. However still lack in stimulating the creative side on students. Universities in Taiwan promote many activities and classes to help us, students, to create and develop general knowledge of the world.

Tamkang university offers to any student, regardless of his origin, a very welcoming environment with hospitable people where everyone respects one another. International students also have opportunity to feel like local students, depending on our choices.

Cheick Ouedraogo (from Burkina Faso)

My name is Cheick Ouedraogo, and I come from Burkina Faso. Burkina-Faso is a country located in West-Africa. Our official language is French.

In 2014, after my graduating in Burkina-Faso, I decided to pursue my study abroad (my master degree), and I got the opportunity to study in Taiwan. I didn’t hesitate because I was graduated in the field of computer science and telecommunication as well and for me Taiwan was the best choice to gain more knowledge about my field, because Taiwan produces many computer hardware like: Asus or HTC and so on. Moreover it was an opportunity to discover a new culture and a new language.

Then I have come here in September 2014, and I started to learn Chinese at Fujen University for one year. After that I came to (T.K.U.) Tamkang University to start my master degree in the department of computer science and information engineering and I believe I have made the best choice.

I choose Tamkang University because it’s the best private university in Taiwan, and also they provide English courses. And the important aspect in Tamkang University is the professors, the classmates and all the staff in the University are really friendly and willing to give help.

Tamkang has also a beautiful campus and there are many things inside university: good restaurant, coffee shop, many places to practice a variety of sport and an amazing library.

Tamkang university is a guarantee of success for any studious and serious student.

Jonathan Coupe (from United Kingdom)

Jonathan Coupe My name is Jonathan Coupe and I’m from the United Kingdom. I came to Taiwan to pursue my Master’s degree in Computer Science, and I have lived in Taiwan for over almost 2 years now.

I was searching for universities in Taiwan to apply to which had courses in English, and found only a few in Taipei. I found out about Tamkang University (TKU) by a stroke of luck through Google. TKU had only just started offering their Computer Science course in English the year before.

Having spent the last year at TKU, and currently completing my second year, I am happy to say I would recommend anyone wishing to study in Taiwan to consider TKU. I believe the students here are some of the nicest people you will have the pleasure of meeting anywhere. The staff are overwhelmingly positive and helpful to new students, regardless of your Chinese proficiency or background. My department in TKU has the most diverse population of students imaginable, with students from far and wide. At TKU, you have the opportunity to make lasting friendships, experience other cultures and gain a wealth of knowledge from the highly regarded courses and faculty.

The university campus itself is incredibly beautiful, perched on a hill overlooking Tamsui’s river and community. The university has great facilities and a vibrant student life, boasting the largest number of societies of any university in Taiwan.

Pradeep Sagayam (from India)

Pradeep Sagayam
My name is Pradeep Sagayam, and I’m from India. India is a country located in south Asia and is bordered by other countries like Pakistan in the west, China and Nepal in the north to north eastern part, Bhutan in the north east and Burma in the west. We have 22 official languages.
In 2015 right after completing under graduation I got the opportunity of studying my master degree in computer science in Taiwan and I have decided to take the challenge, I don’t want to lose this opportunity because I was a computer science student in my bachelors and for me Taiwan is the best place to learn more about technology because My elder brother who studied here in India also studied MBA in Taiwan and is currently working for a computer hardware company in Taipei. And mainly Taiwan has world’s top computer hardware companies like: Acer, Gigabyte, Asus and so on. This made me to have more interest on Taiwan. Then I came here in September 2015, Tamkang University to start my master degree in the department of computer science and information engineering and besides, I also learn Chinese culture and Chinese language in language center in the university.
I selected Tamkang University because it’s the best university in Taiwan because many employees in world’s top companies are from Tamkang University and the courses are in English and if you want any help professors are right next to you to help and they are really friendly. And it gives you much exposure to know more about many other international student’s culture. Tamkang university has also a beautiful campus where we can enjoy a lot there are language center to learn different languages, mushroom sensor music player which was created by our department professors, library, a wide big sports arena, restaurants and much more. Tamkang University is the best place to purse your studies.


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